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Cyber-Security... It's not rocket science.

It is behavioural science. People are the weakest link in many systems, and that is often what the bad guys seek to exploit. Your people need to be trained and compliance with policies and procedures needs to be monitored and tested.

Apply best practices. Hackers spend a lot of time scanning the Internet for known and novel exploits on systems that they can use to take control of the systems. To insure cyber-security, install a firewall to block scanning. And perform routine maintenance, installing security patches for software and reviewing application and system logs.

BACK UP! Having a robust backup strategy which envisions many different data loss and recovery scenarios is an essential element of cyber-security. It is also essential to test the implementation of the strategy to make sure it works if and when it is needed.

It takes constant vigilance. Network intrusions can happen at any hour. Data on a server can be destroyed or stolen in very little time.

It takes money. Training, best practices, routine maintenance, backups and constant vigilance do not come cheaply. But if/when your systems are hacked, the impact on your company, your reputation, your customers, et al. may be irreparable.

Moving Forward...

It takes time, effort and skills to safeguard your sysems and data. Keystone Computer can help you with every step in the process. Contact us to get started.


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